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Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks

Link: Matthew Dicks Official Site

How to Brainstorm Story Ideas

  • Homework for Life

    • Spend 5 minutes each day to write 2-3 sentences - not the entire story - of moments from the day
    • Don't worry of connecting threads of stories from previous days
  • Crash & Burn

    • Spend 10 minutes to allow yourself to write your stream of conciousness/thoughts
    • Don't let your pen from stopping - let new ideas keep crashing in without hesitation or judgement
    • Be willing to leave a good idea behind in favour of a new one - even if the new idea is bad
  • First, Best, Last, Worst

    • A story against each of these prompts e.g. First/Best/Last/Worst Car
    • Annotate any as potential story or anecdote
    • But not all listed will be story worthy